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SoakShield Door Panel Cover

SoakShield Door Panel Cover

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The SoakShield Door Panel Covers are a great product to keep your customers vehicles protected.

These high quality Microfiber Covers are 55” long and 25” wide. They attach with a universal strap with 3 side adjustments to fit most vehicle doors. 

This helps with over spray of your slip solution from getting all over the door panel, keep the water off the floor your working on, and of course looks good if a customer happens to watch your work or you like to post photos on social media and customers can see you take care of their vehicle. 

The New design on all Door Covers will be the full color large print. The photos showing our older 2 color design are here just to show how the cover is used and attached.

Available in only White or Grey at this time. 

You are able to purchase single, 2pc, or 4pc sets

These products are available to have your Custom Logo printed on them. Please check out other item on our page for the custom printed options.


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