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SoakShield Microfiber Windshield Installer 3pc Rope Set

SoakShield Microfiber Windshield Installer 3pc Rope Set

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This item includes (3) SoakShield Ropes. One of each Size

The window tinting industries first and original absorbent rope braid used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle while installing film.

Helping to protect the electronics and other parts from water damage.

The SoakShield rope is also used to collect the water that would absorb into the top layer of what the dashboard is covered in. Example: Leather, Suede, Vinyl, and Cloth. When water is left to sit on the edges of the dash it can cause the material to unglue and curl up on the edges, damaging the whole dashboard.

Made of microfiber strands braided together by hand for window tinters by tinters. Used by Installers World Wide. This braided Absorbent rope is tucked between the bottom of the windshield and the dashboard to stop and soak up the water running down behind the dash and causing issues with electronics.

  • Original Standard size is 5-6' long depending on stretching it out during installation. Great for your average coupe, sedan, compact SUV.
  • Our XL size SoakShield rope able to extend the dash on larger Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUVs. 18” longer than Original.
  • The Mini size SoakShield is the same length as the original only 30% thinner. Able to fit better it tight gap spaced. Works great for back windows also.
  • 10 color blends to choose from. Match your shop colors, film brand, or just favorite colors.
  • Ends coated to prevent Frey of strands.
  • 90-day free replacement if defect from workmanship.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Hand Made in the USA, By Tinters for Tinters


Available in 10 color sets in stock or custom colors available

* Custom color option - Choose 3 colors per rope.

$5 color up-charge on single rope or $10 up-charge for 3 custom ropes

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